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Allers Jr. for Delegate

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About Mike Allers Jr.

Mike Allers Jr.  is the son of a Policeman turned Educator and a Special Needs Teacher.  He was born into a family of service.  He wanted to follow his family in making a difference in the community.  He worked his way through college—working in the food industry, on political campaigns, and the world of Banking, refusing to take student loans or a dime from anyone. 

Mike went into a career of service as a teacher-where he saw first hand the struggles of our kids and parents.  Mike as a teacher made sure students had the right tools to succeed in class.  He proudly pushed back against woke ideology in curricula pushed by activist Central Offices. Mike always made students feel like they can achieve anything-regardless of skin color or background- fighting back against CRT directly. But Mike knew that he had to go beyond the classroom to do more- getting involved in Republican politics to help elect strong Conservatives across several states, serving candidates as an education advisor, as well as in the field of Communications and Media relations. 

Career as a Teacher


Conservative Fighter & Leader

In 2022,  Mike became the first Conservative Columnist for the Spirit of Jefferson newspaper, in Charles Town, WV—the town Mike and his wife have settled in to raise his son, to make sure that he is surrounded by real American, small-town values.  In his column, A Conservative’s Take, Mike defended President Trump and America First values, passionately advocated for protecting the unborn and creating a culture of Life, proposed real solutions to fixing our broken education system, and argued for real tax relief for West Virginians.   Mike continued to be frustrated by the inaction from Charleston and inside the Eastern Panhandle. It is one thing to keep writing about these issues and scream from the page—and it’s another to actually do something. That is why Mike is running for the House of Delegates in the 99th district and for the Republican nomination. 


Mike is excited to fight for the people of the 99th district in a way they haven’t seen—a bold new approach of new ideas, actually standing up to RINOs in Charleston, and protecting our kids at all costs!


As a teacher, no one knows how to fix our broken education system better than Mike.  This starts with rescuing our education system from the bigotry of low expectations and funding from the Chinese government.  This starts with giving parents more say in the matter of their child's education by directly electing Superintendents.  This starts with the refusal to accept the status quo.  As a father, Mike will stand proudly for Parents and full transparency. Mike wants to make sure that ALL West Virginia’s schools are competitive and held to high standards—giving parents and students the BEST options to make their choice. Mike wants to make sure that schools are ready to hire and give actual competitive salaries to teachers that want to teach and not be held hostage by the pressures of activist Central Offices.  Mike Allers Jr. believes that a new, superior education system is key for the future success of all West Virginians.

Establish a Culture of Life


Mike is a devout Catholic and is Pro-Life. But Mike knows that being Pro-Life doesn’t just end when the baby is born—it is so much more than that.  Mike believes that West Virginia must define what being Pro-Life and Pro-Family truly mean in this great State—and that starts with establishing a proud culture of Life. This means always protecting the rights unborn from conception.  This means getting West Virginian families access to more affordable Child Care. Motherhood should be supported; starting a family should be rewarded.  Every life is deserving of liberty and happiness—from the unborn to the mother that brings them into this world.  In the House of Delegates, Mike will fight to build a Pro-Life Society in West Virginia for our babies, mothers, and families.

Empowering the Eastern Panhandle


Due to the Eastern Panhandle’s unique location, Mike believes that the 99th District should be the number one place for small businesses to thrive—working with localities to slash red tape.  Mike also knows that our area is home to many commuters—due to higher paying jobs outside of the district. Mike wants to change that-pushing for and finally getting locality pay for our cops, first responders, and teachers.  Mike believes West Virginia has to directly compete with Maryland and Virginia, and our people should be able to work where they live. Charleston will no longer bully what Charles Town can do on Mike's watch.



Mike believes that West Virginia can provide even more relief to its hard-working people. Mike believes in a total repeal of the Income Tax, to put more money in your pocket.  This will attract more people, jobs, and businesses to the 99th district and to West Virginia as a whole.  This would provide the largest tax relief in the state's history, and the people of this amazing state deserve a whole lot more than partial cuts.

2nd Amendment


Mike believes The Second Amendment shall not be infringed, full stop. It is our God given right that keeps our State and Nation free from tyranny.  Mike will be a tireless defender of the 2nd Amendment and law-abiding gun owners across the district.

Public Safety


Mike believes the 99th District should be the safest place to live in West Virginia.  That means getting tougher on drug dealers pouring opioids and fentanyl from China into our district, eradicating Human Trafficking, and making sure our kids are protected at all costs.  In order to ensure a safer district, Mike will always back the Blue, and make sure they are paid what they deserve as they put their lives on the line.

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